Among Xylophones and Glockenspiels
Your hair is now shorter than mine (and seems to curl nicely at this sort of length).

It’ll only curl like that if I do something to it to make it curl. Otherwise, it’s just sort of wavy. It also flips a lot at the bottom. Mostly it flips up, but some bits flip under. So the curling was done with damp hair and rags. When I get access to my newly purchased hairpins, I will try pin curls. (I left them in my dorm.)

Look at how short my hair is

Look at how short my hair is

I WILL DO THIS. Text me the address, and prepare for mishloach manot and staring!

I will prepare for the staring that will occur.

Look at that. That’s nearly two feet long.

Look at that. That’s nearly two feet long.

Ah! Cool!

It is very cool. I’ve been playing with my hair all day since I cut it. I may take a picture of what I cut off and post that. I’m not sure I trust my computer camera with anything else.

yay for haircuts!! you’ve probably made secretcephalopod very proud

And I did all myself! It’s even enough that my sister-in-law can’t find major problems with it.

you did WHAT? I need to see this IMMEDIATELY.

Well, if you come by on Sunday in your Mayor cosplay, you can see it.

I cut of nearly two feet of hair, most of it braided. My hair is so short now!





Have you ever lost something and thought, “if I could just open a portal to another reality where I haven’t lost it, I could steal it from me and get it back”?

How do you know that’s not the reason you lost it


This is the exact plot of Fringe

We got all our power back! Woohoo!

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