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Stargate: Atlantis Season 5 Thoughts

So this is the last season of SG:A, and it ends okay. The season storyline never gets fully resolved, but it also doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. In this season, Col. Carter is no longer the head of Atlantis because Amanda Tapping, the actor, went on to do Sanctuary, another Sy-Fy channel show. For dormitos

Characters first.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Same as always. We also get to see an alternate universe version of him, in which he is not part of the Stargate program.

Teyla Emmagan: Still super awesome. She deals with becoming a new mother and how that her impacts her decision to go on missions. 

Ronon Dex: Still awesome punchy man.

Dr. Jennifer Keller: Still awesome. Decides to enter into romantic relationship with Rodney McKay. 

Richard Woolsey: Becomes new head of Atlantis. Even though he is an IOA bureaucrat, he comes to appreciate how Atlantis handles problems.

Rodney McKay: Still an asshole, but Dr. Keller manages to instill sense into him.

Dr. Radek Zelenka: Still awesome scientist.

The Wraith: Michael is thought defeated, but shows up in Atlantis to get Teyla’s son. He is defeated thoroughly. Todd has an uneasy truce with Atlantis and attempts to use a newer version of the retrovirus to rid himself of the weakness that is feeding on humans. Also warns Atlantis when he learns that the Wraith know of Earth’s location.

Replicators: So some of the faction that created clones survived, but the clones did not. They become part of subspace and eventually return to Atlantis. Weir has become one of these replicators and helps them regain human form, but also prevents them from becoming a threat.

Favorite episodes: “The Queen” because it shows Teyla being really awesome while pretending to be a Wraith Queen. “Vegas” was the alternate universe episode and it was really cool because it had a Wraith becoming this rock-star type character. I also really liked the song choices for the episode. “First Contact” and “The Lost Tribe” was an awesome two-parter. In it Daniel Jackson comes to Atlantis to search for a hidden laboratory. It is so wonderful because it pits his sarcasm and idealism against McKay’s self-centered arrogance. I really enjoyed that the villains were a lost community of Asgard who wanted to use a weapon to destroy Wraith ships but didn’t care that it also cause every stargate to blow up. Also, having Daniel Jackson in the episodes just increased their quality. 

Stargate: Atlantis Season 4 thoughts

So this is a bit earlier than usual because I’ve finished SG-1. Also, I had the 17th of Tammuz off, so I watched most of it then. For dormitos.

Starting with characters again.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Same as before. Nothing new to add.

Colonel Samantha Carter: Replaces Weir as awesome boss lady. It makes me so happy to see her on SGA as the commander. It’s really great how many of her prior adventures she references.

Teyla Emmagan: Still awesome. I really love how they worked the actress’ pregnancy in to the season. Also, SG-1 did it twice for pregnant recurring characters (one of which became a regular). This is part of why I love the Stargate franchise so much. Star Trek generally hides pregnancies while Stargate works them into the story.

Ronon Dex: Still great fighter and entertaining character.

Rodney McKay: Same as last season, not as much of an ass, but still arrogant. 

Dr. Jennifer Keller: Carson’s replacement. She’s pretty awesome and I really liked her character growth this season.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir: The nanites in her reactivate and she is captured and ultimately killed by the Replicators.

The Wraith: Atlantis captures the Wraith who helped Sheppard in “Common Ground” from the previous season. He works with Atlantis to destroy the replicators and then proceeds to set up the destruction of the Midway Station. Meanwhile, Michael Kenmore has been working on creating more Wraith-Human hybrids and infects humans with a deadly disease in order to kill Wraith who feed on those humans.

The Replicators: They are destroyed by Humans and Wraith and Dr. Mckay’s ingenuity. A small faction who broke off created clones of the main Atlantis team and Weir in order to learn how to ascend. The faction was destroyed by the other Replicators, but the fate of the clones is unknown.

Favorite episode: So this season only has one episode which really stands out, and may be my favorite episode of SGA ever. It is “Midway,” and wonderful because the interaction between Ronon and Teal’c. That’s right, This episode has Teal’c in it. It’s so wonderful and entertaining, even though the Wraith do manage to invade the SGC.

Stargate: Atlantis Season 3 Thoughts

For dormitos.

This season continued the Wraith and Michael Kenmore arc and introduced us to Replicators from the Pegasus Galaxy. “Yay, Replicators” she said sarcastically. Characters first again.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: Same old Sheppard. My feelings toward him remain constant.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir: Still awesome boss lady. Gets infected by Replicator nanites, but defeats them.

Teyla Emmagen: Still awesome. We get to see more conversations between her and Elizabeth, which is super great.

Ronon Dex: He’s still as entertaining as before. We get more of his backstory and watch him defeat the Wraith who made him a runner in the first place.

Dr. Carson Beckett: Still adorable. Dies in the episode “Sunday.” I personally feel SG-1 dealt with the CMO’s death better in “Heroes Part 2.” That episode nearly made me cry. “Sunday” left me a little underwhelmed.

Dr. Rodney Mckay: Has become slightly more interesting and a little less assholish. Yay character development! We meet his estranged sister and learn his first name is actually “Meredith,” to the vast entertainment of everybody except for him. Also, he nearly ascends because he plays with a machine. Ultimately, he has improved as a person, but is still extremely arrogant.

Dr. Radek Zelenka: Still like him slightly more than McKay. McKay stops behaving as horribly towards him.

Also this season features a well beloved character from SG-1 (Major General Jack O’Neill) and a not so well loved one (Richard Woolsey). I was very entertained by their inclusion.

The Wraith: Michael Kenmore help the humans put a stop the to Wraith ships attempting to go to Earth. The team doses all the Wraith on the ship that remains with the retrovirus, but they manage to regain their memories and escape. Michael Kenmore begins experimenting with Iratus bugs and Humans to create better Wraiths. 

Genii: Those under the leadership of Ladon Radim are now allies. Kolya is still a pain, but he gets killed by Sheppard.

Pegasus Galaxy Replicators aka Asurans: Created by the Ancients to defeat the Wraiths, they have abandonment issues and want to destroy the “favored siblings” who are the humans. They attack Atlantis numerous times and manage to force Atlantis to leave the planet.

Favorite episodes from this season are “Common Ground,” “Phantoms,” and “Echoes.” “Common Ground” is really great because it involves Sheppard allying himself with a Wraith to escape from Kolya and them learning to respect each other. “Phantoms” was wonderful because it showed all of the team stuck in extremely traumatic flashbacks and otherwise being deceived, but still being able to solve the problem. “Echoes” was great because whales save the humans. It was so awesome. 

Stargate: Atlantis Season 2 Thoughts

For dormitos.

So this season continued the whole Wraith thing. The Daedalus is introduced, as well as the people on board. So, characters first again.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard: That’s right, he got promoted. Otherwise, my feelings to him are the same as before.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir: Still awesome boss lady. 

Teyla Emmagen: Still awesome, although we do see less of her leading her people and more of her being a part of the team. Also, has a pretty amazing singing voice.

Lt. Aiden Ford: Gets demoted to recurring character starting with the second episode. Also, goes a bit crazy and I wish he would just listen to reason, but he won’t because he’s addicted to the enzyme that the Wraith use to make sure their food doesn’t die on them immediately.

Ronon Dex: He is so cool! I like him so much. My favorite moment with him was when he was shoveling food into his mouth in the mess hall with his hands and then Sheppard gives him utensils which he then uses to shovel food into his mouth more efficiently. It was great.

Dr. Carson Beckett: Is now a regular! Complains less but is still fun.

Rodney McKay: I still don’t like him as a person. As a character, he sort of interesting. As of the season finale, he and Ronon have been taken by the Wraith and I don’t particularly care what happens to McKay. 

Colonel Steven Caldwell: The commander of the Daedalus. He’s okay once he’s been de-Goa’ulded. However, when he was host to a Goa’uld, he was a bit of an asshole.

Dr. Radek Zelenka: Still an awesome scientist.

The Wraith: Well, Dr. Beckett figures out a retrovirus to turn them human and uses it on one, now named Michael Kenmore. At the end of the season he and some other Wraith pretend to form an alliance with Atlantis in order to figure out how to get to Earth. My thoughts on this: Well, shit. Well, it doesn’t really matter if the Wraith get to Earth BECAUSE THEY’RE DEALING WITH THE FUCKING ORI! Watching SG-1 and Atlantis concurrently definitely gives you some perspective.

Genii: So one decides to start a rebellion against the main people in power and has a tentative truce with Atlantis. 

Favorite episodes this episode were “Duet” and “Critical Mass.” “Duet” gave us the beauty of Lt. Laura Cadman controlling Rodney McKay’s body. “Critical Mass” was pretty awesome because it involved Atlantis dealing with an imminent bomb threat that would destroy all of Atlantis and it was pretty cool. 

Stargate: Atlantis Season 1 thoughts

So I’m doing this because dormitos wants to know what I think about SG:A. 

Overall, I think Season 1 is a good introduction to the Wraith, the Lanteans, and the Pegasus galaxy in general.

Major John Sheppard: I really like him. He’s like Jack O’Neill, but better.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir: AWESOME LADY IN CHARGE OF ATLANTIS! My favorite.

Teyla Emmagan: ALSO AWESOME LADY IN CHARGE OF ATHOSIANS! Also my favorite. Her ability to sense the Wraith is so cool. Also, I just really want more interaction with Teyla and Dr. Weir because they are so great.

Lt. Aiden Ford: Cute little lieutenant who gains experience as time progresses.

Rodney McKay: Still an arrogant asshole. I didn’t like him when he appeared in SG-1 and I don’t like him now. However, they have made him necessary for Atlantis. 

Dr. Carson Beckett: He’s really cute when he has to do something he’s uncomfortable with, such as using the Ancient technology. Also a really good medical doctor. 

Dr. Radek Zelenka: Awesome scientist. Much more like-able than McKay. 

The Wraith: Interesting race of bad guys. Are apparently actually closely related to an insect, but are probably humanoid because the Ancients caused human evolution on a planet with the insects and convergent evolution occurred. Suck the life out of people. Are really really scary.

Genii: Some are okay. Kolya is an asshole and I want him to die at some point.

Favorite episodes are probably “Before I Sleep” and “The Gift.” The first because it gives back story about the Lanteans and why they left and also how the failsafe device was put in place. Also, awesome Elizabeth Weir. Also it introduces the time jumping puddle jumper. The second because it explains why Teyla has her Wraith sensing ability and also because she gets to explore it and help the others figure out what the Wraith are doing. Apparently the reason she has the ability to sense the Wraith is because a long time ago one decided to experiment on humans to make them better food. The side effects of the experiments allowed the humans to be telepathically connected to the Wraith without the Wraith being able to sense the humans. This ability was passed down and Teyla inherited it, all because a Wraith wanted to make his food tastier. “Sanctuary” gets an honorable mention because of Ascended Ancient politics. Oma is punished for ascending Anubis, Chaya is punished for protecting her people from the Wraith. 

So I was waiting for the bus in the rain this morning.

dormitos, I have watched the first two episodes of Stargate Atlantis.

I just watched the episode where Daniel ascends and it made me cry. Stargate, why do you make me have feels?